Katten Der Ville Sove et År

Katten der ville Sove et År er min første børnebog. Den er skrevet til ungdommen for at give håb og inspiration og for at vise, at det er vigtigt at udleve de ting, der gør en glad i livet. Den forsøger at vise, at man kan finde en vis mening og glæde i tilværelsen, både ved […]

The freshest coloring book by several Danish artists

In early 2019 Fleksibel Studios published a coloring book with some fresh artists in the street art, illustration, and graphic design scene in Denmark. The result was
a fresh coloring book with has brought hours of activity for the young and old all around the country.

Book cover illustration for a Brazilian classic

Forsideillustration, bogomslag

The publisher Multivers contacted me when they wanted to re- publish the classic “The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas” in Danish with a new translation. I went for a jovial skull portrait of the dead Machado de Assis speaking from the grave.

Various paintings from 2019

In summer ’19 I made a5-a3 paintings in acrylic, goauche and water color. The themes revolved around animals, compositions and people.