Kitchen on fire 3D

During spring 20′ I’ve been practising my 3D skills in Blender. Would love to do much more.

Post Corona-mural-sketch

Sketch for a mural I made right at the outbreak of the coronavirus. The sketch should portray our world and society post-corona/lockdown.

Acrylic Sketches

Acrylic sketchbook sketches from winter 2019′ playing around with colors and composition.

Water color sketchbook sketches 2019

Anton Ian Nielsen

I filled out my sketchbook with random water color sketches consisting of every day items, animals, people and fun experimenting with different compositions and color.

Various paintings from 2019

In summer ’19 I made a5-a3 paintings in acrylic, goauche and water color. The themes revolved around animals, compositions and people.