A child-like mural for all ages


In fall ’19 I painted this piece for a youth club in Copenhagen. The object was to find a dynamic, fun and humorous vibe, whilst also considering a harmonious look and feel.

Original silk screen prints

SIlk screen print

In fall ’19 I teamed up with Ice Screen Printing to create 40 unique silk screen prints based on my mural piece named Together Again.

30 meter mural at Ny Ellebjerg

Painting 30 meters of wall in the October wind of 2019 was quite an artistic and logistic challenge. Thanks to Byens Hegn for making it happen.

Decorated CNC-Cut-out Characters for Musicon

Musicon in Roskilde reached out regarding decoration for their BMX-hall. They wanted something which represented the life around Musicon; the youth riding BMX-bikes, dancers, and people practicing parkour etc. We thought it would be cool with some CNC-cut-out wooden figures which were decorated and then monitored on the hall.