Acrylic Sketches

Acrylic sketchbook sketches from winter 2019′ playing around with colors and composition.

Workshop: Illustrator for kids


Workshop for the youngsters In the summer of 2019 I had the fun opportunity of hosting a workshop for the young generation between 8-15 years of age at Softworld in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Water color sketchbook sketches 2019

Anton Ian Nielsen

I filled out my sketchbook with random water color sketches consisting of every day items, animals, people and fun experimenting with different compositions and color.

Book cover illustration for a Brazilian classic

Forsideillustration, bogomslag

The publisher Multivers contacted me when they wanted to re- publish the classic “The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas” in Danish with a new translation. I went for a jovial skull portrait of the dead Machado de Assis speaking from the grave.

Various paintings from 2019

In summer ’19 I made a5-a3 paintings in acrylic, goauche and water color. The themes revolved around animals, compositions and people.